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SE Proprietry technology takes your pertinent information that takes on average 10 hours a year of your time, we only ask for 30 minutes today and all yourpersonel information can be safely delivered to any organization in the world instantly, Bank forms and telco companies will never steal your precious time away ever again!

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Never again will you have to waste time filling in forms

What is SSE Pre-filling forms ?

SSE Pre-filling forms are Portable Document Format (PDF) forms converted from non-interactive documents to interactive and dynamic documents using SSE smart transfer technology. They retain the look, feel and content of the original paper-based or electronic version.
SSE-Prefill can reach a wide audience as they are accessed using the free SSE security encrypted server.
Currently the majority of Company based forms are non-interactive and as a result customers must print the document, complete it by hand, and either fax or mail it back to the owner agency taking on average 10 hours a year of the consumers time.

SSE complement the exisiting advantages of hard copy and add the value with the following features. Users are able to:

  • Complete a form online or offline using the free SSE iPhone/ iPad application
  • Fill out, save and annotate a form
  • Submit a form online or by email and with attachments if required
  • Save a form with data to a personal computer as an electronic record
  • Sign a form with a digital signature

SSE Pre-filling can imporve service delivery and reduce costs for agencies and users alike with ability to :

  • Build data validation, error checking and calculations into the form
  • Imporve standards of legibility and completeness of submitted forms
  • Create dynamic questionong fields which only show users the fields they need to complete
  • Save a form with data to a personal computer as an electronic record
  • Pre-fill form fields with data stored on a server
  • Connect to a web service
  • Control form versions using built in form expiry

How Companies Can Benefit

Agencies taking advantage of SmartForms will benefit from having:

  • A scalable and improved solution to create, publish and maintain forms
  • Improved accuracy and completeness of form submissions by end-users
  • A more consistent user experience through high fidelity from rendering
  • Validation on the client-side reducing server processing loads
  • The ability to receive data either as an XML stream or an email attachment
  • The ability to intergrate with back-end systems using the SSE as an insertion point
  • A Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) providing a generic data rendering and mapping service, using the form definition as the interface
  • Use of the universal SSE software will enable end-user uptake
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform support of the SSE Software
  • Accessibility requirements satisfied through SSE tools.

Furthermore, the following benefits shouls also be considered when building a business case for a SSE solution:

  • Publishing and hosting the form will cost you nothing.
    Reader enabling to convert non -interactive PDF forms to SSE(Adobe Reader Extensions)
  • Your company can design and develop the SSE Pre-fill yourself or we can design it for you.
    If you plan to develop forms in-house you will only need to acquire the SSE design software. SSE is available as an individual piece of software with a small license free per annum
  • You will have to free support and advice from the SSE Support team.

How Australian Business Benefit

SSE are made avialable via our website and mobile application

For the service oriented agency, SSE are an ideal way of transacting with clients. Benefits have been identified as:

  • Standardised online interactions
  • Costs and turaround times for applications are reduced dramatically only taking seconds instead of in some cases hours.
  • Improved cofidentiality and privacy
  • Improved accuracy and reliability of imformation
  • Client-side field validation reduce time spent filling in forms
  • Compliance with government regulations is improved
  • Applications can be prepared and submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Applictions can be completed offline at the customer's convenience
  • Increase effiency, as re-work on forms is reduced, and data is re-used across forms
  • Applications can be made accessible to users with disabilities.
*The majority of the benefits accure to applicants (including small businesses), through both increased return on capital and direct cost savings. For example, a typical small business would save around $1,150 in time and direct costs on loan applications and interactions for business information to potential partners/Lenders.

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